Tulipes à cœur, Infarctus du MyocardeOur 1,200 volunteers go into villages, markets, hospitals and alleys of the supermarket malls to sell the tulips of our Operation “Tulipes à Cœur”. The benefits of the tulips sale have been (and still are) devoted to the more fundamental research that has led to our major therapeutic advances.

By offering with sympathy to buy a bouquet of all beautiful and all fresh tulips, they allow us to move forward and help sick people.

We would like to thank each of these volunteers as they all spend few hours, a day, and even for some of them, 3 full days of this action, sometimes since the Operation Tulipes start in 1990. Their help is therefore essential: without them Operation “Tulipes a Cœur” would not be possible, and the success of this annual event is based on their strength of conviction.

Obviously, each one of you is an indispensable element for our success: every bouquet bought represents hope to progress in the fight and the cure of diseases that are still among the leading causes of death worldwide: leukemia and other neighboring diseases, and myocardial infarction (“heart attacks”).

You can also join them and join us in this great adventure that is our operation “Tulipes à Cœur” by becoming a volunteer. Everyone can participate in their own way and according to their means.

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