Whether it is through donations or R&D partnerships (the IRHT has received several research authorizations from the French Ministry of Research), we can succeed together.

Let’s build together a partnership that makes sense and resembles you.

Depending on your activity, location, network or simply personal affinity with the subject, we will go together to co-build a partnership that makes sense for you and for us.

Together we mobilize, federate, accept the challenge!
Let’s connect with your teams, your customers and all of your stakeholders and save lives!

Partenariats Entreprises, Lutte contre Maladies

Donation: monthly, annually or several per year

A solidarity product: all or part of the profits goes to the IRHT. We design the product with you.

Your client Satisfaction Survey: boost your return rate by giving one euro to the IRHT for each survey completed.

Your loyalty points: transform them into donation for IRHT.

An internal collect: involve your employees and double the stake.

Tax exemption: please contact us for more information about tax deduction of foreign donations.

For any partnership, contact us