How can I support IRHT?

Different choices are available:

  • One-Time or Regular Donation: You can donate directly online on our website (credit card or paypal), by sending a check labelled to the IRHT, or by contacting us for a regular debit.
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  • Volunteering: You can participate in the association life and events.
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  • Partnership: If you are a company or an organization, you can help us by participating in our annual events or by constructing specific actions with us.
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To support us in other ways:

  • Legacy and donations: You can make a donation or a legacy.
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  • Solidarity Events: You can organize a collect during a personal event (birthday, wedding, retirement…).

Are donations deductible from income tax?

For donations from another country than France, please contact us for more information about tax reductions.

Can I donate with confidence?

IRHT is leading and accomplishing its missions with the higher quality that you are expecting.
Since 30 years, our goals are the research in hematology and blood transplantation and we attempt to respond with rigor and transparency to it.

IRHT is an association recognized as being of general interest, displaying total financial transparency and remaining exclusively by private gifts and legacies and public subsidies (Regional Council, Departmental Council, Arpège Group).

Access to financials

Donate online

Online donation has many advantages:

  • It allows to be more reactive
  • It is more ecological
  • It significantly reduces collection and stamp costs
  • It can be done safely

Online donation form

I encounter a problem to donate online.

We thank you for trying to do a donation and support our actions. If you encounter a problem, here are some potential answers:

  1. Verify that your browser is up-to-date, otherwise download the latest version.
  2. The website may be temporarily unavailable; in this case, please try again later.
  3. If your payment remains unsuccessful, other solutions exist to donate; do not hesitate to contact us.
    We can contact us through our e-mail or by phone: +33 3 89 64 74 18

Contact us via our online form